Fast Physics

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  • Fast Physics
  • 6025
  • 6
  • 9.5″ x 2.5″ x 11.5″
  • $10.00

What do you get to do?

Newton’s Beads

All it takes is a slight tug and the long string of beads literally pulls itself out of the container and onto the floor. Best of all, fifty feet of beads empty from the container in under five seconds! How does it work? Sir Isaac Newton reveals yet another science miracle with just one word… INERTIA! Newton’s Beads are a fantastic and colorful introduction to physics. From inertia and potential energy to gravity and acceleration, these beads will open scientific doors in a quick, easy, and spectacular demonstration.

Take it Further Activities

  • Gravity Goo
  • Hex Nut Drop
Popsicle Stick Release

Popsicle sticks are great for holding frozen treats and reading the occasional joke off of, but did you know they’re excellent for demonstrating potential and kinetic energy? It’s true! If you weave popsicle sticks together just right, you can create a chain reaction that will create a dazzling display of flying popsicle sticks!

Take it Further Activities

  • Balancing Fork
  • Roll Back Can
Pendulum Catch

Have you ever seen a comedy bit from a black and white silent film? One of the favorite gags was someone hoisting a piano to a 3rd or 4th story window and then someone cuts the string… CRASH! The piano comes crashing down as ivory keys and wood splinters go everywhere. The Magic Hex Nut Pendulum involves the same sort of thing, only on a much smaller scale. What will happen to your hex nuts? The result may surprise you.

Take it Further Activities

  • Falling Ring Catch
  • Coin Through a Card

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